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Roadle is a game of finding the route through the UK's Motorway network. This includes all connecting motorways in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (including the ferry between Belfast and Liverpool). Certain motorways are not included (e.g. M2) because they do not connect to other motorways.
The route never leaves the motorway network, except for the ferry, and routes obey real life possible (albeit maybe silly) journeys, e.g. If driving south on the M42 you can't get on the M6 Toll (M6T) because there is no slip road. You could however end up driving from Bristol to Manchester, just to head down to London and then up to Leeds.
You're given the starting city/town to narrow down what the first motorway could be - any motorway that enters the city/town limits. Can you find the route?

M62 M1 M25 M4 M6 M58
Grey cells mean that motorway is not used in today's route. Orange means it is in the wrong position and blue means it is in the right position. No motorway (or the ferry) is every used twice. This includes the A1M and the M62 which have multiple sections.
Why is there no colour-blind option? - Our colour palette has been tested for colour deficiencies and it was determined that we don't need a separate palette. If you are having trouble distiguishing between the colours please let us know.
Do you save cookies and/or collect data? - We don't collect any data. Cookies are saved to your device to track your stats and check whether you've already played today.
Did you steal this idea or the code? - Where would we be with out Wordle, the original concept that took the world by storm? It has sparked so many people to come up with variants on the same premise, like us with Roadle. We can confirm though that the code for Roadle was written from scratch and I even learned how to write Javascript to do it.
Do you have any other games? - We originally started in 2020 as a group of friends designing boardgames. You can check out our main website at
Can I get in touch with you? - You can email me at